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Rachel Luttrell on Womanhood in SciFi

"The dichotomy between Queens and Mothers ... hmmm... the thing is, Wraith Queens and Mother Teyla aren't that different. They both lead. They're both fierce.  Both will rip your throat out if you come after the ones they love. Teyla is a character who can take someone down without a firearm; she fights. She talks instead. She's a strong, female role model.  I don't want little girls to grab sticks and beat on people, but younger folk need to know they're strong and fabulous, but feminine and intelligent."
                                                                                                                                                                       --Rachel Luttrell,  at Polaris 22

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Polaris Interview Questions

A hardy thanks to one and all who spoke with  us this weekend at Toronto's Polaris convention.  We got some excellent footage and some even more wonderful interviews with fans, authors, actors, and a very memorable "paradox of Doctors" (what else would you call a flock of the guys?).

We're very curious, however, about everyone's responses to the questions we asked our interviewees.  Please read our questions below, and feel free to respond to them in the comments.  We always love a good discussion.

Thank you, and we promise, there's another episode on it's way!

1)      What is your favourite sci-fi cliché?
2)      What is the one sci-fi cliché you could be perfectly happy never seeing ever again?
3)      What is one thing you'd like to see in a sci-fi show, for example, a bathroom in a Puddlejumper or a vegetarian Wraith? Why?  It can be a cliché or it can just be anything they've never done before.
4)      What do you think about gender and gender roles in current sci-fi? Classic Sci-fi?
5)      What do you think about fandom activities such as cons?
6)      What do you think about fandom activities such as fanficcing or fanviding? Do you do them? Are they legal? What makes you love/ hate it?
7)    What is your particular relationship to sci-fi/fantasy? Are you a reader? A creator? What is your personal history with the genre?
8)    Do you read or purchase academic popular culture/sci-fi text books?


EPISODE 1: Popcorn Philosophy
Doctor McKay's peaceful television watching is interrupted by Lt. Col. Sheppard's nagging questions and penchant for stealing popcorn
Satirizing: Traditional sci-fi gender roles.

EPISODE 2: Fallen Friends
Lt. Col. Sheppard is gravely injured offworld, and Dr. McKay attempts to cheer her up.
Satirizing: The frequent injuring of main characters.

EPISODE 3: Cupid's Curse
McKay and Sheppard reminisce about past conquests and the problem with trying to date inside the chain of command.
Satirizing: The 'girl-of-the-week' convention.

EPISODE 4: Puzzling Places
Sheppard and McKay find themselves in a strange reality on another world.
Satirizing: Strange... this planet looks like Vancouver... again!

EPISODE 5: Atrocious Aim
McKay and Sheppard, fleeing the angry natives once again, stop to wonder why they've never been shot. Well, almost never.
Satirizing: Bad guys can't shoot.
EPISODE 6: Polaris Pranks
McKay and Sheppard have had enough of people impersonating them, and go to a Sci Fi convention to see what can be done about it!
Satirizing: Fan projects and conventions.

EXTRAS:    Bloopers and Thanks
                     Easter Egg



J.M. FREY - Lt. Col. Joan Sheppard


J.M. Frey is a professionally trained actor and singer.  She is also a Master's candidate at Ryerson University/York University in Toronto, focusing on fan-craft and fandom studies.  Recent achievements include playing Anne at the Ryerson Anne of Green Gables Centenary Gala, the publication of her first short story, (Back) (available through Silverthought Press), and a recent academic appearance at the Popular Culture Association's international annual conference.  J.M. really, really wants to be on Torchwood, just so she can sing between takes with John Barrowman and Gareth David-Lloyd.

KAREN WOOD - Dr. Meredith R. McKay, PhD, PhD

Director, Editor, Screenwriter

Karen Wood is a professionally trained filmmaker, currently employed in a studio as producer, editor, scriptwriter, and all around techie.  Karen will be beginning her Master's studies at the University of Bristol in the UK in the coming year, and seeks to move from there into more film and television work. Recent achievements include official entries in the Local Shorts category for the 2003 through 2005 Kingston Canadian Film Festival, and "Best Directing" for Queen's Focus Film Festival, 2005.  Karen wants to meet The Stig and challenge him to a race around the track in their reasonably-priced car!

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The Aim of the Swirlygate Project
by J.M.
Science fiction exists to investigate, to flay open humanity, to explore our deepest hurts and most soaring elations, to celebrate and to condemn us, to be every bit as human as we; to discuss the now by putting it then.  Satire exists to knock all of that on its ass, and make us laugh as we do it.
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