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Swirlygate Atlantis
Polaris Audio Interviews 
03.29.09 19.58
Last summer, when the Swirlygate Project was lumbering itself to it's feet and flapping really hard to try to get up off the ground, we recorded a handful of interviews with science fiction affictionados - actors, authors, fans, and scientists - at Polaris 22.  We posted the same questions here and got a lot of great answers, and we wanted to share the rest with you, too.

We're still collecting responses, so feel free to fill out the survey linked above, or respond to what others had to say about genre and gender in science ficiton.

Rob Goodwin - Scientist and Editor of Apogee Books. Download interview here.

Barry Alder - Author. Download interview here.

Karen David - Actress. Download interview here.

Timothy Carter - Author. Download interview here.

Tanya Huff - Author. Download interview here

We apologize in advance for the quality of the recordings - they were degraded by an equipment error, unfortunately, and we've salvaged them as best as we can.

And some video bonuses - the Doctor (every incarnation of him, at once!) answers our survey and Rachell Luttrell talks about womanhood and mothering in Stargate Atlantis.

Also, if you would like Karen and I to speak or appear at your convention about the Swirlygate Project, or you'd like to invite Mer McKay and Joan Sheppard, feel free to contact us here.
04.23.09 04.19 (UTC)
Hey guys, just discovered you by accident on you tube:D:P Boy am i glad:P Ep 1 and 5 are my faves:D:P And the bloopers were so funny. I just moved to vancouver. its great here! Was wondering if you guys had done anything else, maybe not even scifi related would love to check it out!
05.07.09 03.52 (UTC)
There's also this video, and lots of fanfic over here. Enjoy! :D
05.04.09 11.07 (UTC)
Hello, I was wondering what happened to the Gender and Genre in the Cancellation of Stargate: Atlantis essay? I was going to link some people to it, but LJ tells me the post no longer exists.

Thanks, Vera
05.07.09 03.50 (UTC)
Hello - I've reposted it here after some edits. Feel free to link to it. ^_^
05.08.09 04.10 (UTC)
Thank you for letting me know. I look forward to reading it.
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