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Swirlygate Atlantis
Episode 7: Thanks and Bloopers 
03.28.09 01.42 (UTC)
Great job guys! I've really been enjoying these! They look like they were a lot of fun to make.

Are you ever going to post the videos from Polaris? I would really like to see them if so.


Fivey :-D
03.28.09 01.46 (UTC) - Polaris
Due to some problems with filming at the con and con policy, as well as some technical errors which rendederd most of the footage unuseable... unfortunately, no. Sorry.
03.28.09 02.52 (UTC)
I just watched all the entries and thought they were brilliant! :-D
03.28.09 06.04 (UTC)
I wanted to let you know how deliriously happy I was to have found this comm. And how sad I am that your project has come to an end.

But I have to giggle because I was surprised to learn that parts of Toronto can also look so much like B.C. the Pegasus Galaxy. It was only when you included a shot of the Tower that I realised where you were filming.

As for the lovely questions you raised, I have to tell you (no, really, I do) how I used to play pretend at 15 with one of my best friends on a relative's farm. I was Lawrence of Arabia (blonde) and she was Sharif Ali (brunette). We'd ride our pretend camels out to the well and lower a dixie cup on a string. The fact that we were wrapping ourselves up in male personas was totally irrelevant.

Thank you once again for the giggles, also your unique insight into our guys.
03.30.09 19.33 (UTC)
Can I say how awesome I think your playing at Lawrence of Arabia was? I'm also impressed that you stayed awake (and understood!) the film at 15 years old. Kudos to you ;)
03.30.09 23.21 (UTC)

Oh, it's much worse than that.

I'd seen the movie when it was first releasted (I'd just turned 12) and read Seven Pillars of Wisdom when I was 13 (and a few times since). Let's just say the temp. librarian at my middle school (huh - we called it junior high in those days) was horror-struck!

But, then again, I was kinda precocious (so I'm guessing I grew up into being an unrepentant slasher naturally, lol).

::sends mega-thanks to Peter O'Toole and T.E.::
05.03.09 05.16 (UTC)
Oh wow. I saw your essay on metafandom and quite enjoyed it, but only got around to seeing what this "Swirlygate" thing was last night. These are so awesome!

You also inspired me to draw a picture of Ronon as a woman: http://gallery.distantwisdom.net/file/misc/art/ronon.jpg

I never got into SGA but I would totally watch Swirlygate if it was a real v show :)
05.03.09 05.18 (UTC)
Oh, Awesome! Thank you! May I feature it on the Swirlygate main page?
05.03.09 05.27 (UTC)
Absolutely, I'm glad you liked it! Here's the post I made about it with some extra thoughts if you're interested.
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