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Swirlygate Atlantis
Episode 5: Atrocious Aim 
02.13.09 11.47
02.13.09 18.08 (UTC)
This is great! I just started watching these a few days ago and I think this is the best episode so far.
02.13.09 18.10 (UTC)
Thank you! I agree, it was the most fun to write, though, as per the way of 'real' filmmaking, the least fun to shoot. I was just coming off knee surgery and Karen was getting mad that I kept shoving her into the bushes!
02.13.09 23.27 (UTC)
Yay! This episode is up! Watching it, and remembering what was happening during filming, brought back memories. The line about the huge mosquitoes? True. Also, walking backwards up the hill, holding the camera steady, AND wearing a skirt and sandals? Dedication.
02.18.09 05.52 (UTC)
Well, I was originally going to type up a huge comment that actually made some sense, but, sadly, I got distracted by techno music and now my brain has turned to mush. (This happens all the time, don't worry. :D)


1. Out of curiosity--how does the numbering system for the dates work? The moment I seem to get it, I see a date that looks a little out of place.

2. Is there any chance you could satirize the fact that dead characters never stay dead? -hopeful- There's Ronon in Enemy at the Gate, Beckett, most likely Michael if the series had continued into a sixth season, lots of other characters that I can't name because I never managed to find the first or third season?

3. Did I already mention how much I love these? Being the kind of person who reads the Onion daily and can expertly tell satire from reality (you'd be amazed how many non-English speakers get that wrong!), I absolutely love how much fun there is and still keep an element of crazy-smartness-awesomness? -lost train of thought when a website fluttered past-

4. I love McKay's possessive look over the coffee in Puzzling Pieces. :D I'd probably do that if I was on an alien planet with no coffee. Or rather, I'd obviously do that.

5. J.M. really, really wants to be on Torchwood, just so she can sing between takes with John Barrowman and Gareth David-Lloyd.
Somehow this really summarized why I love Torchwood.

6. This is getting long anyways, isn't it?
03.28.09 02.52 (UTC)
Absolutely my favourite thus far. My favourite parts:

1. The expression on Mer's face when she hits Joan. Gold moment, right there.

2. The way Joan gestures with her gun on "inner ear problems." :D

These are so much fun - thank you!
05.02.09 15.54 (UTC)
It's taken a while for me to catch up on these, but they are just as much fun as the first one. Good job! Can't wait to see the rest. :)
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