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Swirlygate Atlantis
07.24.08 11.23 (UTC)
Love the new opening credits with the slow mos and blue freeze frame bits! :D
07.24.08 12.34 (UTC)
These continue to be the best things ever.

That is the greatest headdesk ever, and I love Chaya. OMG, CHAYA. *collapses giggling*
07.28.08 04.44 (UTC)
OH, how I *love* this! The new opening is great; the swings are my favorite;)

"The slinky-slink thing!" CHAYA!

08.10.08 02.35 (UTC)
Oh, made *entirely* out of win. Chaya can't get any cell reception! Damn Pegasus.
01.25.09 23.04 (UTC)
Hahaha! That ending blew me away.
03.28.09 02.48 (UTC)
"The slinky-slink thing" is priceless.
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