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Polaris Interview Questions

A hardy thanks to one and all who spoke with  us this weekend at Toronto's Polaris convention.  We got some excellent footage and some even more wonderful interviews with fans, authors, actors, and a very memorable "paradox of Doctors" (what else would you call a flock of the guys?).

We're very curious, however, about everyone's responses to the questions we asked our interviewees.  Please read our questions below, and feel free to respond to them in the comments.  We always love a good discussion.

Thank you, and we promise, there's another episode on it's way!

1)      What is your favourite sci-fi cliché?
2)      What is the one sci-fi cliché you could be perfectly happy never seeing ever again?
3)      What is one thing you'd like to see in a sci-fi show, for example, a bathroom in a Puddlejumper or a vegetarian Wraith? Why?  It can be a cliché or it can just be anything they've never done before.
4)      What do you think about gender and gender roles in current sci-fi? Classic Sci-fi?
5)      What do you think about fandom activities such as cons?
6)      What do you think about fandom activities such as fanficcing or fanviding? Do you do them? Are they legal? What makes you love/ hate it?
7)    What is your particular relationship to sci-fi/fantasy? Are you a reader? A creator? What is your personal history with the genre?
8)    Do you read or purchase academic popular culture/sci-fi text books?
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