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Swirlygate Atlantis
06.27.08 00.55 (UTC)
I have no words for how much I love these videos.

They're very awesome :DDD
06.27.08 01.08 (UTC)
Thanks! More coming soon!
07.04.08 03.00 (UTC)
Thank you very much! We appreciate you taking the time to let us know!
06.27.08 02.38 (UTC)
Carson! I ♥ these.

I love that icon too - your expression!
07.04.08 03.01 (UTC)
I know, her face is fantastic there, isn't it?
06.30.08 07.41 (UTC)
You guys(oops, I mean girls*g*) are awesome.
07.04.08 03.01 (UTC)
Thank you! It means a lot to us to get such kind feedback.
07.01.08 21.44 (UTC) - Your fantastic project
This is great, ladies! I even managed to remember my livejournal password and change the icon - sadly not yet to SGA but still, it's the thought that counts! - in order to comment! Coming out of lurkdom in this fandom to praise some Shepwhump. Gosh, it's a whole new language, huh!
I've long been interested in the hurt-comfort stuff the fans like, and I think I probably ended up studying for my masters because of it. So it's fun to see it satirised!
Very cool, ladies - looking forward to the next ep!
07.04.08 03.04 (UTC) - Re: Your fantastic project
Well feel free to talk about us in your Thesis! That's an exciting topic. I'm doing mine MA thesis on fancraft and sequel/prequel/requels in contemporary lit. (er, as this project is an example of...)

The next ep should be along in a few weeks. Keep an eye out.
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