May 4th, 2009

  • jmfrey

Fanart! - Ronon

</a></font></b></a>alias_sqbr says:

Last night I discoevered </a></font></b></a>swirlygate, a set of 5 short fun web-episodes set on "Swirlygate Atlantis" starring Joan Sheppard and Meredith McKay. Anyway, in the "Bloopers and Thanks" section they encourage people to think about gender and race etc in the show themselves, and I was suddenly struck by the image of a male Teyla and female Ronon (everyone else's clothes are rather unisex), and what that said about the way men and women (and POC men and women in particular) are dressed on tv.

And so:
Ronon Dex as a woman.

Thank you for the lovely art! Yay!