October 23rd, 2008

  • jmfrey


Most of the photographs and promotional images for the Swirlygate Project are uploaded and organized. To see photos from each episode, click on the title.  Photos hosted by PhotoBucket.

EPISODE 1: Popcorn Philosophy
EPISODE 2: Fallen Friends
EPISODE 3: Cupid's Curse
EPISODE 4: Puzzling Places
EPISODE 5: Atrocious Aim
EPISODE 6: Polaris Pranks
EXTRAS: Behind the Scenes

Pictures of Meredith McKay
Pictures of Joan Sheppard

More photos coming as we take them!

Photo usage policy: Go ahead and make icons, wallpapers, etc. out of the photos, just make sure to credit us and of course, link to the site!  (And perhaps send us a copy so we can enjoy it too?)