June 18th, 2008



J.M. FREY - Lt. Col. Joan Sheppard


J.M. Frey is a professionally trained actor and singer.  She is also a Master's candidate at Ryerson University/York University in Toronto, focusing on fan-craft and fandom studies.  Recent achievements include playing Anne at the Ryerson Anne of Green Gables Centenary Gala, the publication of her first short story, (Back) (available through Silverthought Press), and a recent academic appearance at the Popular Culture Association's international annual conference.  J.M. really, really wants to be on Torchwood, just so she can sing between takes with John Barrowman and Gareth David-Lloyd.

KAREN WOOD - Dr. Meredith R. McKay, PhD, PhD

Director, Editor, Screenwriter

Karen Wood is a professionally trained filmmaker, currently employed in a studio as producer, editor, scriptwriter, and all around techie.  Karen will be beginning her Master's studies at the University of Bristol in the UK in the coming year, and seeks to move from there into more film and television work. Recent achievements include official entries in the Local Shorts category for the 2003 through 2005 Kingston Canadian Film Festival, and "Best Directing" for Queen's Focus Film Festival, 2005.  Karen wants to meet The Stig and challenge him to a race around the track in their reasonably-priced car!