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Karen Wood


EPISODE 1: Popcorn Philosophy
Doctor McKay's peaceful television watching is interrupted by Lt. Col. Sheppard's nagging questions and penchant for stealing popcorn
Satirizing: Traditional sci-fi gender roles.

EPISODE 2: Fallen Friends
Lt. Col. Sheppard is gravely injured offworld, and Dr. McKay attempts to cheer her up.
Satirizing: The frequent injuring of main characters.

EPISODE 3: Cupid's Curse
McKay and Sheppard reminisce about past conquests and the problem with trying to date inside the chain of command.
Satirizing: The 'girl-of-the-week' convention.

EPISODE 4: Puzzling Places
Sheppard and McKay find themselves in a strange reality on another world.
Satirizing: Strange... this planet looks like Vancouver... again!

EPISODE 5: Atrocious Aim
McKay and Sheppard, fleeing the angry natives once again, stop to wonder why they've never been shot. Well, almost never.
Satirizing: Bad guys can't shoot.
EPISODE 6: Polaris Pranks
McKay and Sheppard have had enough of people impersonating them, and go to a Sci Fi convention to see what can be done about it!
Satirizing: Fan projects and conventions.

EXTRAS:    Bloopers and Thanks
                     Easter Egg
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