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Swirlygate Atlantis
Hello, friends! Welcome to the official Swirlygate Project Livejournal Community!

Below you'll find information on Karen and JM, the creators of Swirlygate, our aims and ambitions, a list of the episodes and links to the ones that are currently uploaded, and some fun extra-curricular games and essays.

While we're keeping the community closed in order to keep it neat and tidy and make it easy for you to find what you're here for, we of course would love to foster discussion and encourage you to watch the comm and comment on anything you are interested in.

What began as a bit of fun for the McKay YouTube contest has become an academic project through Ryerson University's Masters of Communications and Culture, and we're looking forward to your feedback and thoughts. Seven episodes have been filmed to date, but with your ideas and encouragement, we're always open to suggestion for more!

Enjoy the content, feel free to discuss it, and stay tuned for more adventures of Mer and Joan in the Pegasus Galaxy!

Swirlygate Ethics Disclaimer
05.04.09 10.39 - Fanart! - Ronon

</a></font></b></a>alias_sqbr says:

Last night I discoevered </a></font></b></a>swirlygate, a set of 5 short fun web-episodes set on "Swirlygate Atlantis" starring Joan Sheppard and Meredith McKay. Anyway, in the "Bloopers and Thanks" section they encourage people to think about gender and race etc in the show themselves, and I was suddenly struck by the image of a male Teyla and female Ronon (everyone else's clothes are rather unisex), and what that said about the way men and women (and POC men and women in particular) are dressed on tv.

And so:
Ronon Dex as a woman.

Thank you for the lovely art! Yay!
03.29.09 19.58 - Polaris Audio Interviews
Last summer, when the Swirlygate Project was lumbering itself to it's feet and flapping really hard to try to get up off the ground, we recorded a handful of interviews with science fiction affictionados - actors, authors, fans, and scientists - at Polaris 22.  We posted the same questions here and got a lot of great answers, and we wanted to share the rest with you, too.

We're still collecting responses, so feel free to fill out the survey linked above, or respond to what others had to say about genre and gender in science ficiton.

Rob Goodwin - Scientist and Editor of Apogee Books. Download interview here.

Barry Alder - Author. Download interview here.

Karen David - Actress. Download interview here.

Timothy Carter - Author. Download interview here.

Tanya Huff - Author. Download interview here

We apologize in advance for the quality of the recordings - they were degraded by an equipment error, unfortunately, and we've salvaged them as best as we can.

And some video bonuses - the Doctor (every incarnation of him, at once!) answers our survey and Rachell Luttrell talks about womanhood and mothering in Stargate Atlantis.

Also, if you would like Karen and I to speak or appear at your convention about the Swirlygate Project, or you'd like to invite Mer McKay and Joan Sheppard, feel free to contact us here.
"Bathroom Boggle"

Satirizing: Women's roles on starships, and why there's no bathrooms in space!

Note:  Due to both the limited timeline that the Swirlygate Project has, and the fact that we don't really own puddlejumpers (though, now that the show is cancelled, maybe Martin will lend us one?) we chose not to film this episode. It is, however, a lot of fun, so we decided not to deprive you of it!


Episode 6: Bathroom BoggleCollapse )

Swirlygate Atlantis: Exploding Enemies


Author: [info]sagedarkwoods


Characters: Team, gen
Word Count: 1127
Rating: PG for exploding bits

Spoilers: AU; set after Season 2

Warnings: Contains a genderswitched team, and exploding rodentia.
A/N: Written in the Swirlygate Atlantis universe, because it took me and shook me until I wrote it.  (Can I use the word explode maybe one more time?)

Summary: The team beats a hasty retreat as they come into contact with the locals. Again.

Satirizing: the ability of non-explosive things to explode.




Joan Sheppard leapt over a fallen log as she ran full-tilt towards the tree line. She knew that if she could just get her team there they could loose the pack of hungry-looking overgrown squirrels.Collapse )

If you have any fic or pics you'd like us to post, please send them to the mods, here.

10.23.08 14.32 - Photographs!
Most of the photographs and promotional images for the Swirlygate Project are uploaded and organized. To see photos from each episode, click on the title.  Photos hosted by PhotoBucket.

EPISODE 1: Popcorn Philosophy
EPISODE 2: Fallen Friends
EPISODE 3: Cupid's Curse
EPISODE 4: Puzzling Places
EPISODE 5: Atrocious Aim
EPISODE 6: Polaris Pranks
EXTRAS: Behind the Scenes

Pictures of Meredith McKay
Pictures of Joan Sheppard

More photos coming as we take them!

Photo usage policy: Go ahead and make icons, wallpapers, etc. out of the photos, just make sure to credit us and of course, link to the site!  (And perhaps send us a copy so we can enjoy it too?)

Because every fan's mother just wants to make sure her kid's project comes out perfect!

Thanks for being such a good sport, Mom.
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